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ASP.NET developer at Techoriginator providing ASP.NET solutions that delivers great functionality and fine user-experience. Our .NET team has done some quality work in ASP.NET web development across various industry verticals.ASP.NET developer at Techoriginator providing ASP.NET solutions that delivers great functionality and fine user-experience. Our .NET team has done some quality work in ASP.NET web development […]

Lockdown extended in india until 3 May 2020

Today at 14th april at 10.00 am Indian prime minister Narendra modi extended lockdown in india till 3 May. Narendra modi told that all the emergency services will be remain continoue.  watch complete speed for nation by narendra modi  here. source :

These mistakes are increasing weight during corona virus lockdown

The entire country is currently adopting social distancing in an attempt to reduce the spread of the corona virus. Along with spending time with family at home, people are also adopting various methods to take care of themselves. But during this time, too much relaxation is easily spoiling their daily routine. Many people are doing office work sitting […]

COVID-19: Masks are kept for hours, so keep these things in mind

People are trying to stay away from each other for fear of a corona virus epidemic. There is a lockdown to prevent the spread of corona virus in many countries around the world. Scientists are also engaged in finding out how the disease has spread. They are trying to find a cure and vaccine for this disease and […]

If the lockdown ends on April 14, Railways will operate the train in this way

After the end of the lockdown on April 14, the railway has started preparing for possible train operations. Corona is considering some proposals to deal with the virus infection. Under this, if operations are started, steps can be taken to check their health and keep distance between passengers, including instructing passengers to wear masks. No decision has […]

Big move among Corona havoc

Big move among Corona havoc, now dog meat will not be sold in China, one crore dogs will be saved every year Today, China has banned the sale of dog meat, due to the dangerous outbreak of Corona virus which has caused panic all over the world. Indeed, amidst the havoc of the Corona virus, China […]

Corona I8nfects Cross 6400 In Country

Corona infects cross 6400 in country, record 30 deaths from corona in last 12 hours, 547 new patients found Corona virus has been wreaking havoc across the country and the number of people infected with corona has risen to 6412 after 547 new cases were reported in the last 12 hours. The Kovid-19 pandemic has led […]

100 days of corona havoc

100 days of corona havoc: worldwide number of patients crosses 16 lakhs, more than 95 thousand people died   On the first day of the New Year, when everyone was engulfed in celebration, a warning of new deadly virus was born in China and it turned into a pandemic devastating the whole world, which did […]

War on Corona Virus: Center approves 15,000 crore emergency package for states

The Central Government has approved a package of Rs 15,000 crore under the ‘Kovid-19’ Emergency Response and Health System Preparedness to help States and Union Territories in strengthening the procurement and monitoring activities of essential medical devices and medicines. Initially, 7774 crore rupees will be used, while the remaining amount of 7226 crores will be […]

The Corona outcry did not stop, the number of patients across the world crossed 1.5 million

The Corona outcry did not stop, the number of patients across the world crossed 1.5 million, 88 thousand deaths, know where and how many cases The number of patients infected with the dreaded corona virus causing worldwide devastation has crossed 1.5 million. The global outbreak of the corona virus (Covid-19) is not taking its name to […]

Governor will nominate Uddhav Thackeray as MLC?

Governor will nominate Uddhav Thackeray as MLC? Cabinet’s decision to avoid constitutional crisis Uddhav Thackeray became the Chief Minister in Maharashtra without contesting elections but he has not yet become a member of the Legislative Assembly or the Legislative Council. MLC election cannot also be conducted due to corona virus. In such a situation, the […]

Surgical and cotton masks do not filter coronaviruses: research

Both surgical-cotton masks were found to be ineffective in preventing the spread of SARS-coronavirus (COVID-19) from the patient’s cough. The study, published in the journal Annals of Internal Medicine, conducted in two hospitals in Seoul, South Korea, found that when coronavirus patients cough up any type of mask, the virus drops into the atmosphere and […]

Corona: Odisha government extended lockdown till April 30

The Odisha government has extend the lockdown period amid the ongoing havoc of the corona virus in the country. Even before the 21-day nationwide lockdown is over. The Odisha government has decided to extend the corona lockdown to 30 April and become the first state in the country to do so. The Chief Minister of […]

World Health Day 2020

WHO gives message of ‘Assistance to nurses and midwife’ amid Corona epidemic, know why this day is celebrate, importance and history The whole world is fighting a war against the corona virus today. At the same time, to fight this epidemic, First of all the World Health Organization (WHO) also keeps on another spreading the […]

Sensex created history, gained 2483 points for the first time in a day

Sensex created history, gained 2527 points for the first time in a day, Nifty gained 714 points to reach near 8800 In terms of historical data, this is the biggest jump in the stock market today in just one day. The Sensex saw a big jump of 2476 points on Tuesday at 3. 04 am. It is […]

Donald Trump’s blunt – if India sends hydroxychloroquine medicine

In the midst of the Corona crisis, Donald Trump’s blunt – if India sends hydroxychloroquine medicine, it will be good, or else will retaliate The corona virus crisis is growing rapidly in America. President Donald Trump, who is hoping to supply medicine from India as a trial for the treatment of Corona patients, has once […]

Corona Lockdown air purifier, know how clean Ganga

Due to the implementation of nationwide lockdown in the wake of coronavirus infection, people in the state are breathing pure air. The water of the Ganges is again becoming clear. According to the claim, Ganga water has seen an improvement of 35 to 40 percent. Due to the closure of factories, the contaminated water in […]

Corona virus among 4067 people in the country, Ministry Of Health

The Ministry of Health has reported that the number of corona infections in the country has increased to 4067. In the last 24 hours, 693 cases have been reported. So far 291 people have been cured. So far 109 people have died, 30 people have died on Sunday. So far, 1445 Corona patients are associated […]

Trump speaks – 16 million probes for Corona virus in the US so far, social distance is very important

President Donald Trump said that there have been 16 million investigations so far for the Corona virus in the country. As the death toll approached 10,000 due to the deadly virus infection, he appealed to the countrymen to stay indoors to maintain social distance. During a press conference in the White House on Sunday, Trump […]

Philippines President’s Warning – Do not assume lockdown will be shot, you guys

A third of the world is under lockdown due to the corona virus. There is also a lockdown in the Philippines. In such a situation, the President of the Philippines, Rodrigo Duterte, has given a stern warning to those who violate the lockdown. He said that those who do this should be shot as they […]

Corona virus: India’s lowest rate to reach 1500 cases, Iran becomes so many patients in 13 days

On 1 April 2020, the number of people infected with the corona virus in India increased to more than 1500. It took a total of 63 days to cross this figure. Among the major countries where corona has the highest infection, India has the lowest rate of infection. At the same time, Iran has the […]

Covid-19 havoc: Death toll due to corona virus is 50, around 2000 positive cases across the country

Corona continues to wreak havoc all over the world as well as in India. The death rate of corona virus across the country has been steadily increasing and the figure has reached 50. At the same time, the number of people infected with this virus is also around 2000. According to the latest statistics released […]

In Nizamuddin Markaz, 2041 foreigners came from 67 countries including China, know where many people came from the country

In March, 2041 foreigners arrived from 67 countries, including China, in the Markaz of Tabligi Jamaat in Nizamuddin, Delhi, which emerged as the largest corona virus hotspot in India. Indonesia, Bangladesh and Thailand have maximum number of people in this. This sensational disclosure was made in a report prepared by the Crime Branch of Delhi […]

Corona virus may cause more than 2 lakh deaths in America: White House

Two top US government scientists leading the fight against the corona virus said the corona virus (covid-19) pandemic could lead to the deaths of nearly two million people. White House task force members Anthony Fauci and Deborah Birks said that 100,000 to 240,000 Americans could be killed despite social distancing guidelines that shut down schools, […]

Markaz will see a dangerous scene in Telangana? Know what is corona connection

Telangana Health Minister Etala Rajendra said that around 1,200 people from Telangana had attended the Markaz Sabha of Nizamuddin in Delhi, some of them found to be infected with Corona, of which six died. In the last three days, those who went to Delhi for Markaz were found infected with the Corona virus. The number […]

Corona: 864 deaths a day in Spain, 9053 total deaths, COVID-19 positive patients cross one lac

Spain has the highest number of deaths from Kovid 19 in 180 countries battling the worldwide corona virus epidemic, 864 corona patients have died in the last 24 hours, the highest in Spain in one day in the corona crisis is. The number of corona positive cases in Spain has crossed one lakh, while the […]

Markaz increased the speed of Corona in the country? Know how many people from which state were involved in Tabligi Jamaat

Many people involved in the Tablighi Jamaat religious program in Nizamuddin Markaz, Delhi, have been stirring around since the confirmation of dangerous corona virus infection. It is believed that more than 2000 people joined the Tabligi Jamaat, which were not only from different states of the country, but also from Pakistan, Bangladesh and abroad. The […]

Three corona suspects, including a couple kept under the supervision of the health department, went missing, Faridabad police filed a case

A couple and another woman, a couple suspected to have been quarantined home under the supervision of Faridabad Health Department, disappeared from their hideouts. During the police investigation, his disappearance was detected. The police have registered a case against these three and started searching for them. According to the information, a 33-year-old woman, who came […]

CM Nitish Kumar said – sending people by buses is wrong, in such a situation the lockdown will fail

Bihar Chief Minister Nitish Kumar has said that it is not right to send people from one place to another by special buses in lockdown. It would be of no use to lockdown. Talking to a private news channel, CM Nitish said that if it spreads disease then it will be difficult to stop it. […]

Great impact on lockdown season, major reduction in air pollution in Delhi-NCR

The lockdown caused by the corona havoc may have kept people’s lives imprisoned for 21 days in their homes, but the effect of this has been seen on the weather. After the announcement of the lockdown, the sky of Delhi-NCR is clearly visible and air pollution has come down. The sun shone in the clear […]

Lockdown: Johnny Lever was going to walk outside the house, mother scolded fiercely, said- sit at home

The country has been lockeddown due to Corona. The government has forbidden people to move out of the house. In such a situation, all people are forced to stay at home. In this situation, actor Johnny Lever is bored sitting at home. He was going to roam outside the house in the compound of the […]

COVID-19: Can Corona Virus be spread by having sex with partner? Learn what the doctor said

There is a 21-day lockdown due to corona virus across the country. Everyone is forced to stay at home. Social distancing is being said to be very important to prevent corona virus. In such a situation, does the corona virus spread by having sex? As such, no guidelines have been issued so far. We have […]

COVID 19 pandemic: don’t be afraid of corona, keep these things in the kitchen

Given the increasing cases of corona virus epidemic, everyone is taking precautions under lockdown. The most important part of the home is the kitchen where special care is required. You should also know these things about how to take care of cleanliness while preparing food in the kitchen: Reserve a corner in the house for […]

COVID-19: Hearing of news of corona virus is causing stress, then read psychological advice

The news of the 21-day lockdown and the growing case of Kovid 19 is having a very bad effect on your mental health. To avoid any kind of stress, firstly one should take special care of social distancing and your hygiene. To keep calm, trust the news coming from the right place, not rumors. Staying […]

Corona: US to deploy reserve members of Army-Coast Guard

The US will deploy reserve members of the Army and Coast Guard on active duty in the wake of the corona virus (COVID-19) epidemic. President Donald Trump said in a letter to Parliament (Congress) on Saturday that he issued an executive order authorizing the federal government to call the Army and Coast Guard reserve members […]

Corruption can break PAK’s back, 60% population may go below poverty line

The outbreak of the Corona virus could lead to Pakistan’s already decaying economy and devastation. An estimate says that out of a population of more than 200 million people in the country, twelve and a half million people can go below the poverty line. Right now five to six crores are in the category of […]

Now in 5 minutes, someone will know whether or not corona is, this company claimed to make test kit

There is good news in the circumstances of the crisis arising from the corona virus. A US laboratory has developed a test kit for the corona virus that can tell if a person is infected in just five minutes. The special thing is that it is such a lightweight and small kit that it is […]

Rumors erupt in Iran, Corona virus will end by drinking methanol … and 300 lives lost

The corona virus spread from China has caused such devastation in around 200 countries of the world that the death toll has crossed 20 thousand. Rumors are also circulating on social media about the Corona virus epidemic. Even in Iran, a rumor about the Corona virus killed about 300 people. In fact, a rumor arose […]

Corona: Engineer reached home by driving 1700 km scooty from Maharashtra

Due to fear of Corona, an engineer working in a private company in Maharashtra reached his home in Sonebhadra, UP from Scooty. It took him three days to come to Sonbhadra from Maharashtra. In three days, he traveled about 1710 km. Petrol cost of two and a half thousand rupees was spent in deciding this […]

How is the first photo of Corona virus of India and China, see

A picture has been released in India of Corona virus causing havoc in around 200 countries of the world. Indian scientists have succeeded in photographing the corona virus that became the carrier of the Kovid-19 disease. Scientists in Pune took this picture using transmission electron microscope imaging. Scientists have extracted this picture from India’s first […]

Digvijay Singh raised questions on Central Government’s arrangements to deal with Corona, know what said

Congress President Sonia Gandhi and Congress MP Rahul Gandhi have praised the central government’s arrangements to deal with Corona and have written letters to PM Narendra Modi in this regard. At the same time, senior Congress leader and former Madhya Pradesh Chief Minister Digvijay Singh has questioned the security and health arrangements made in the […]

Stock market not happy with Reserve Bank’s announcements, Sensex closes by 131 points, slight rise in Nifty

Encouraged by the government-announced package to relieve the economy amid lockdowns caused by the corona virus, the stock market was disappointed by the Reserve Bank’s decisions. The open market, with a strong bounce in the morning, lost the edge following the RBI announcements. The 30-share index of the Bombay Stock Exchange fell 131.18 points to […]

Reserve Bank Governor Shaktikanta Das said, Korna will prevent digital transactions from virus

Reserve Bank of India Governor Shaktikanta Das on Friday urged everyone to promote digital ways in transactions. His remarks are significant in terms of the measures being taken to prevent the spread of the corona virus. At present, the entire world is struggling with the corona virus crisis. The worldwide death toll has crossed 24,000. […]

Parineeti Chopra will not do best friend Sania Mirza’s biopic, big reason came out

Actress Parineeti Chopra is in the discussion about badminton player Saina Nehwal’s biopic. In this, Parineeti will be seen in the role of Saina Nehwal. It is now reported that tennis player Sania Mirza will also be biopic. Sania told during an interview that she had sold her biopic rights to Ronnie Screwvala. It was […]

Corona Virus: Confirmation of Virus Matching Kovid-19 in Pangolin

Pangolin smuggled into China has been confirmed to have such viruses which correspond to the corona virus that is wreaking havoc all over the world. An international team says that if such infections are to be avoided in the future, the sale of animals in wild animal markets should be completely banned. Pangolin is a […]

Corona: Everything at Bhilwara is at stake, what is the government doing?

Mohar Singh Meena For BBC Hindi, from Bhilwara (Rajasthan) So far 45 cases of corona virus have been reported in Rajasthan, out of which 21 corona positive cases are from Bhilwara district alone. The first death from corona infection in the state also took place in Bhilwara on Thursday. After this, on Thursday night, the […]

Corona virus: RBI reduces interest rates, attempts to revive economy

The Reserve Bank of India has announced a cut in the repo rate to infuse a weak economy due to Corona virus. RBI Governor Shaktikanta Das on Friday announced that the repo rate is being cut by 75 basis points in view of the Corona crisis. Due to this, the interest rates of bank loans […]

Corona Virus: Record Increase in Use of Facebook Apps

The informal community, Facebook, has revealed that the Corona infection episode has significantly expanded its system use rate, particularly in zones that have been seriously influenced. One of them is Italy, where the time spent on Facebook apps has increased by 70% while in a week Facebook Live and its Instagram app have doubled views. […]

The risk of the Corona virus and the marriage of a 100-year-old British man In the UK,

The government has advised older people over the age of 70 to stand alone due to the growing threat of the Corona virus. What will be the effect on the wedding soon? Yawar Abbas is a British filmmaker and journalist who has also worked with the BBC, he was soon going to marry his fellow […]

History Of Coronavirus

The Corona virus was manufactured in the UK Laboratory, registered in the United States and then routed to the Wuhan Laboratory by a Canadian flight from the Canadian Laboratory. According to research, the Pirbright Institute in England started using the Corona Warriors as a biological weapon. The project was funded by the Bill and Melinda […]