Flyer design

What is flyer?

Flyer is a form of paper advertisement intend for wide distribution and typically poster and distribute in a public place handed out to individual or send through the email…

Benefits of flyer

  1. flyer can be easily produced.
  2. fryer give your business a physically presence.
  3. flyer are perfect for opening Store.
  4. flyer can reach out to more  people.
  5. flyer are very useful in event

Types of flyer

Three Types of flyer
handbill – A handbill is a flyer printed out on a single sheet of paper you can share with your audience. 

pamphlet- A pamphlet is a flyer with sheets of paper attached together. Many pamphlets are small books that serve as condensed brand literature for your audience. 

digital flyer- A digital flyer is designed with the Internet in mind. It’s delivered in email, social media, and other data-sharing platforms.