Social media Profile creation

Social media Profile creation

Creating a Business pages On social media platform like Facebook , Instagram , LinkedIn , Twitter etc.  Now days it’s very important to have social media pages of any business because everyone (users/clients) when wanted to buy a product they try to check a brand value from social media page of company and try to check a review and rating of business and all post comments and follower / subscribers of page . If they don’t find it as good they deny to buy product. It’s very important for any business to get a top rank on social media search so user can easily find their business page on social media so its very important for any business to have a social media page on all across social media platforms.

What we do

  1. Design logo which can set on profile of page.
  2. Design banner which set on social media page and adapt all screen size.
  3. Write about us content for page.
  4. Add all contact and details about business on page.

Client Provide us:

  1. logo if client have
  2. Banner if client have
  3. Contact details
  4. About business text content if have
  5. website URL if client have

Note: we will do it for all platform Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter.
Duration: 1 week working days
Charges: 1500/-   ($30)
For Our Portfolio of social media page creations click here
Google page setup + 10 reviews in 1200/- ($20)

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