Product label design

product label design

Product label design

What is a Label?

In simple terms, a label is anything that contains information about the item being labeled for easy identification. It can be an informative, descriptive, or pictorial label like a tag, mark, or brand that is attached to a product or any item. It provides detailed and relevant information about the product so that it can be easily recognized or distinguished by customers.

Big companies and manufacturers have pre-made labels which are attached automatically to their products. But for e-commerce, offices and small businesses, they start making their own custom labels on Microsoft Word. Labels include barcodes, nutrition facts labels, mailing labels and others.

There are four major types of labels that companies and small businesses are using for their products and operations: brand labels, informative labels, descriptive labels, and grade labels.

1. Brand Labels

Labels that only contain the brand name of the product are called brand labels. They provide details about the product brand and can either be removable or not. Examples are clothing labels and soap labels like those on Lux, Dove, Olay, and others.

Custom labels for the clothing industry and soap manufacturing companies reinforce the brand and help communicate a specific message to their customers.


2. Informative Labels

These labels provide product information like the manufacturer’s name, manufacture and expiry dates, intermediaries, and additional instructions on the product’s usage. Compared to descriptive labels, informative labels are more detailed.


3. Descriptive Labels

Descriptive labels mostly contain information about how to use the product such as features, handling, security, storage, and others. In addition, these are used for products with grades that cannot be differentiated.


4. Grade Labels

The last types are grade labels which describe the product’s features and aspect. Some products have these and some don’t. It shows the product’s grade or quality in figures, letters, or words. Examples of grades are the following:

  • A, B, C, or D
  • 1, 2, 3, or 4
  • Good, Better, or Best

What are the Benefits of Labels?

Labels provide a lot of benefits, especially if you are starting a small business and want to make your products stand out. Below is a list of the top benefits of labels both to businesses and consumers:

Provide Information

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  • Product name
  • Name and location of the manufacturer, packer, or distributor
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  • Net contents
  • logo of brand
  • logo of government approval certificates


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