Social Media Page/Post Optimization

Social Media Page/Post Optimization

Now days it’s very important to have optimized business page on social media because everyone (users/clients) when wanted to buy a product they search on social media websites and try to check a review and rating of business and all post comments and follower / subscribers of page . If they don’t find it as good they deny to buy product. so first of all It’s very important for any business to get a top rank on social media search so user can easily find their business page on social media. If client search anything or any product on social media and if they find your business page their is 70% chance of getting sale because they trust recommendation of social media platform. if they check your page/post and they see satisfactory review and comments defiantly they buy.

**What we do:

  • 1 Image design
  • Find out keywords
  • Write Article of 100 words keyword optimized article
  • Find Hashtag
  • Share in groups

Note: we will do it for all platform Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter.
Duration: depends on number of post. 1 post creation takes 2 days.
Charges: 300/- per post

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