Photoshop course syllabuss

Who this photoshop course is for

This Photoshop course is designed for individuals who are interested in learning and improving their skills in digital image editing and manipulation. It is suitable for:  Beginners, Graphic Designers, Photographers, Web Designers, Marketing and Advertising Professionals, Content Creators, Students and Hobbyists.

Why take this photoshop course is for ?

There are several reasons why someone might consider taking a Photoshop course:

  • Enhance your skills: Photoshop is a powerful and widely-used tool in various industries. By taking a course, you can develop valuable skills that will make you more marketable and increase your career prospects.
  • Professional image editing: Whether you’re a graphic designer, photographer, or web developer, Photoshop proficiency is often expected in these fields. Taking a course can help you learn the necessary techniques and best practices for professional image editing.
  • Creative expression: Photoshop offers endless possibilities for creative expression. By learning the software, you can unleash your artistic potential and bring your imagination to life through digital art, photo manipulation, and graphic design.
  • Improve your work: If you’re already using Photoshop but feel like there’s more to learn, a course can help you deepen your knowledge and discover advanced techniques. This can result in improved efficiency, productivity, and the ability to achieve higher-quality outcomes in your work.
  • Stay up-to-date: Adobe Photoshop is constantly evolving with new features and updates. By taking a course, you can ensure that you stay up-to-date with the latest tools and techniques, allowing you to make the most of the software’s capabilities.
  • Personal projects: Whether you want to create stunning images for personal use, edit family photos, or design your own digital content, a Photoshop course can provide you with the skills and knowledge to bring your ideas to fruition.
  • Collaborative opportunities: By learning Photoshop, you open doors to collaborate with other professionals in related fields. It allows you to effectively communicate and collaborate with graphic designers, photographers, and other creatives, fostering a more cohesive and efficient workflow.

What you will learn in photoshop course is for ?

In a Photoshop course, you will learn a wide range of skills and techniques to effectively work with digital images. Some of the key things you will learn include:  

  • Basic navigation and interface: Familiarize yourself with the Photoshop workspace, menus, panels, and tools.
  • Image editing: Learn how to retouch and enhance images using various tools such as the healing brush, clone stamp, and content-aware fill.
  • Layers and masks: Understand the concept of layers and how they can be used to organize and manipulate elements in an image. Learn to use layer masks for non-destructive editing.
  • Selection tools: Master the different selection tools available in Photoshop to isolate and edit specific parts of an image with precision.
  • Color adjustments: Discover techniques for adjusting brightness, contrast, saturation, and other color attributes to enhance the overall appearance of your images.
  • Text and typography: Learn to create and format text layers, apply effects, and work with typography to add text elements to your designs.
  • Filters and effects: Explore the wide range of filters and effects available in Photoshop to apply artistic and creative enhancements to your images.
  • Image manipulation: Gain skills in image manipulation, including resizing, cropping, rotating, and transforming images to achieve desired compositions.
  • Photo compositing: Learn techniques to combine multiple images, create realistic blends, and seamlessly integrate elements for composite images.
  • Exporting and optimization: Understand how to save and export images in various formats suitable for different purposes, such as web or print. Learn techniques to optimize images for efficient file sizes and faster loading times.
  • Workflow and efficiency: Discover time-saving tips, keyboard shortcuts, and automation techniques to streamline your workflow and work more efficiently in Photoshop.
  • Creative projects: Apply the skills and techniques learned to complete creative projects such as digital art, photo manipulations, and graphic designs.

Photoshop All Tools Name

1.  Move Tool                                               2. Marquee Tool                                               3. Lasso Tool                                                4. Magic Wand Tool
5. Crop Tool                                                 6. Brush Tool                                                    7. Eraser Tool                                               8. Clone Stamp Tool
9. Healing Brush Tool                               10. Pen Tool                                                      11. Text Tool                                                 12. Gradient Tool
13. Paint Bucket Tool                                14. Blur Tool                                                     15. Sharpen Too                                           16. Dodge Tool
17. Burn Tool                                               18. Shape Tool                                                 19. Hand Tool                                               20. Zoom Tool


Entry-Level Positions: ₹2.5 lakh to ₹4.5 lakh per annum
Intermediate Level: ₹4.5 lakh to ₹8 lakh per annum
Senior Level and Specializations:₹8 lakh to ₹20 lakh or more per annum


There are many job profiles are avaliable in varanasi & all over India. Such Job Profiles name is – Graphic Designer, Web Designer, UI/UX Designer, Digital Illustrator, Photographer/Photo Editor,Visual Effects (VFX) Artist, Social Media Manager, etc.

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Charges & duration of PHOTOSHOP COURSE

Duration : 2 month
Charges : 2,000/-

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Photoshop Course Syllabus Details

  1. Overview of Photoshop and its features
  2. Understanding the Photoshop interface
  3. Working with panels, tools, and menus
  4. Customizing preferences and workspace
  1. Understanding pixel-based images and resolution
  2. Working with layers and layer styles
  3. Using selection tools for precise edits
  4. Applying adjustments and filter
  1. Healing tools for removing blemishes and imperfections
  2. Clone stamp and patch tool for seamless repairs
  3. Content-aware fill for removing or extending elements
  4. Red-eye removal and teeth whitening technique
  1. Adjusting brightness, contrast, and levels
  2. Working with curves for advanced color correction
  3. Using adjustment layers for non-destructive editing
  4. Enhancing colors with vibrance and saturation
  1. Creating and formatting text layers
  2. Applying layer effects and blending options to text
  3. Warping and transforming text
  4. Working with character and paragraph style
  1. Using filters and filter gallery for creative effects
  2. Working with masks for selective editing
  3. Blending modes for blending and compositing images
  4. Liquify filter for distortion and manipulation
  1. Refining selections with the refine edge tool
  2. Using channels for complex selections
  3. Selecting and masking hair and fur
  4. Creating selections from paths and shapes
  1. Organizing and managing layers
  2. Smart objects for non-destructive editing
  3. Layer masks and blending modes for creative control
  4. Transforming and warping layers
  1. Combining multiple images using layer masks
  2. Creating realistic blends and composite images
  3. Adding shadows and highlights for seamless integration
  4. Adjusting color and lighting for consistency
  1. Creating and editing vector shapes
  2. Working with paths and the pen tool
  3. Applying shape attributes and layer styles
  4. Using the vector shape tools for custom designs
  1. Saving and exporting images in different formats
  2. Optimizing images for web and print
  3. Understanding color modes and color profiles
  4. Preparing files for different output device
  1. Creating actions for automating repetitive tasks
  2. Batch processing images for efficiency
  3. Using scripts and plug-ins to extend Photoshop’s capabilities
  4. Exploring additional time-saving features


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