Paid advertisement on social media

Paid advertisement on social media

Creating a Business pages On social media platform like Facebook , Instagram , LinkedIn , Twitter etc.  Now days it’s very important to have social media pages of any business because everyone (users/clients) when wanted to buy a product they try to check a brand value from social media page of company and try to check a review and rating of business and all post comments and follower / subscribers of page . If they don’t find it as good they deny to buy product. It’s very important for any business to get a top rank on social media search so user can easily find their business page on social media so its very important for any business to have a social media page on all across social media platforms.

**What we do:

  • Choose proper ads type according to business..
  • Attractive content writing.
  • Attractive image design.
  • Choose proper keywords and # tags.
  • Decide targeted audience.
  • Choose specific location according to requirement.

Benefits: can lead generate, brand awareness, brand reputation build, visibility improves, number of views and interaction
Duration: (1 week working days)
Charges: 1000/- ($20) for ads setup charges
Notes: you can decide how much you want to spend on ads.
Not a guarantee for leads. Depends on brands other factors…

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