CoralDRAW course syllabus

Who this CorelDraw Course is for ?

The course for CorelDraw is for individuals who are interested in graphic design, vector illustration, and creating digital artwork. CorelDraw is a popular software application used by designers, artists, and professionals in various industries such as advertising, marketing, printing, and web design.

Why take this CorelDraw Course is for ?

Here are some reasons why you might consider taking a CorelDraw course:

  • Vector Graphics Knowledge: CorelDraw deals primarily with vector graphics, which are essential for creating scalable and high-quality images. Understanding vector graphics can be advantageous if you want to work in design, advertising, or marketing.
  • Graphic Design Skills: CorelDraw is a powerful tool for creating various types of graphics, including logos, posters, brochures, flyers, and more. Learning how to use CorelDraw effectively can help you develop valuable graphic design skills.
  • Commercial Use and Freelancing: CorelDraw skills can be beneficial if you plan to offer graphic design services as a freelancer or want to create designs for commercial purposes.
  • Portfolio Enhancement: If you’re building a portfolio for job applications or freelance work, having CorelDraw skills and showcasing your projects can be a valuable addition.
  • Productivity and Efficiency: A course can teach you various tips, tricks, and shortcuts to work more efficiently with CorelDraw, increasing your productivity.
  • User-Friendly Interface: CorelDraw has an intuitive and user-friendly interface, making it accessible for beginners. A course can help you navigate the software efficiently and learn its features more effectively.
  • Continuous Learning: CorelDraw, like other software, receives updates and improvements. A course can help you stay updated on new features and techniques.
  • Creative Expression: If you enjoy expressing your creativity through digital art or design, CorelDraw provides a versatile platform for bringing your ideas to life.
  • Team Collaboration: If you work in a team or with other designers, knowing how to use CorelDraw can facilitate collaboration and streamline the design process.
  • Industry Standard Software: CorelDraw is widely used in the graphic design industry, making it important to learn for anyone aspiring to work in this field. It’s essential to familiarize yourself with the software used by professionals.

What you will learn in CorelDRAW course ?

In a CorelDraw course, you will learn a wide range of skills and techniques to effectively work with digital images. Here are some key things you can learn in CorelDraw:

  • Vector Graphics: CorelDraw is primarily used for creating vector-based artwork. You will learn how to work with lines, shapes, and curves, allowing you to create scalable and high-quality graphics that can be resized without losing quality. 
  • Print and Prepress: If you are creating designs for print, CorelDraw will teach you about print settings, color modes, bleed, and other prepress considerations.
  • Digital Illustration: CorelDraw is often used by artists for digital illustration. You can learn how to create artwork from scratch using the software’s drawing and painting tools.
  • Drawing and Illustration: CorelDraw provides tools for drawing and illustrating various types of artwork, including logos, icons, illustrations, and more. You can learn how to use pen tools, shape tools, and other features to create intricate designs.
  • Color Management: CorelDraw offers a variety of color management tools, including color palettes, gradients, and color adjustments. You can learn how to work with colors effectively to create visually appealing designs.
  • Typography: CorelDraw enables you to work with text and manipulate it creatively. You will learn how to use different fonts, apply text effects, and arrange text in artistic ways. 
  • Exporting and File Formats: CorelDraw supports various file formats, and you will learn how to export your projects in different formats suitable for web, print, or other applications.
  • Image Editing: While CorelDraw is not a full-fledged image editing software, it does offer basic photo editing tools. You can learn how to crop, resize, adjust colors, and apply simple effects to images.
  • Special Effects: CorelDraw provides various special effects, such as shadows, transparencies, and blends. You can learn how to apply these effects to enhance your designs.
  • Page Layout: CorelDraw allows you to design multi-page projects like brochures, flyers, and posters. You can learn how to manage multiple pages, create master pages, and arrange elements within a layout.

CoralDRAW All Tools Name

1.  pick tool                                              2. shape tool                                              3. freehand tool                                                4. text Tool
5. artistic Tool                                         6. ellipse Tool                                             7. rectangle Tool                                             8. polygon Tool
9. star Tool                                             10. zoom Tool                                              11. knife Tool                                                 12. earse Tool
13. virtual segment delete Tool            14. interactive fill Tool                                15. eyedropper Tool                                     16. outline Tool
17. envelope Tool                                   18. blend Tool                                             19. powerclip  Tool                                       20. interactive transparency Tool


Entry-Level Positions: ₹1.5 lakh to ₹2 lakh per annum
Intermediate Level: ₹4.8 lakh to ₹6.9 lakh per annum
Senior Level and Specializations:₹5lakh to ₹13 lakh or more per annum


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Charges & duration of CorelDRAW

Duration : 2 month
Charges : 2,000/-

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CoralDraw course Syllabus details

  1. Overview of CorelDRAW interface and tools
  2. Understanding vector graphics and their advantages
  3. Navigation and workspace customization
  1. Working with shapes: rectangles, ellipses, polygons, etc.
  2. Using the Freehand and Bézier tools for custom shapes
  3. Understanding nodes and controlling curves
  1. Selecting, moving, rotating, and resizing objects
  2. Grouping and ungrouping elements
  3. Aligning and distributing objects
  1. Adding and formatting artistic and paragraph text
  2. Applying special effects to text objects
  3. Wrapping text around shapes and objects
  1. Creating and formatting text layers
  2. Applying layer effects and blending options to text
  3. Warping and transforming text
  4. Working with character and paragraph style
  1. Organizing content with layers
  2. Creating, renaming, and rearranging layers
  3. Understanding layer properties and interactions
  1. Applying various effects like shadows, transparencies, and blends
  2. Using the Distortion and Lens effects
  3. Working with bitmap effects and artistic media
  1. Importing and placing images into your designs
  2. Image cropping, masking, and editing
  3. Converting bitmap images to vector graphics
  1. Preparing your designs for print and web
  2. Exporting in different file formats (PDF, PNG, JPEG, etc.)
  3. Printing options and considerations