What is Digital Marketing ?

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What is Digital Marketing ?

Marketing is the process of getting potential clients or customers interested in your products and services. The keyword in this definition is “process.” Marketing involves researching, promoting, selling, and distributing your products or services. This discipline centers on the study of market and consumer behaviors and it analyzes the commercial management of companies in order to attract, acquire, and retain customers by satisfying their wants and needs and instilling brand loyalty.

The 4 Ps of Marketing –Product, Place, Price, Promotion.

Product: This is what you offer to customers, encompassing its features, quality, design, and branding.
Place (Distribution): It’s about making your product available where and how your target customers want to buy it.
Price: The amount customers pay for your product or service, considering factors like cost, competition, and perceived value.
Promotion: Activities and communication efforts to inform and persuade customers about your product, including advertising, PR, and marketing campaigns.

Benefits of  Digital Marketing Your Business

  • Digital marketing enables businesses to reach a global audience through various online channels.
  • Compared to traditional marketing methods, digital marketing is often more cost-effective.
  • Digital marketing allows for precise targeting of specific demographics, interests, and behaviors.
  • Analytics tools provide detailed insights into the performance of digital marketing campaigns. Metrics such as clicks, impressions, conversion rates etc..
  • Feedback from customers and prospects can be received almost instantly through social media comments, reviews, and other online interactions.
  • Digital marketing helps in building and maintaining brand presence.
  • Effective digital marketing strategies contribute to better search engine visibility. This, in turn, can improve organic search rankings and drive more traffic to a website.
  • Online platforms are accessible 24/7, allowing businesses to interact with their audience and potential customers at any time, overcoming the limitations of traditional business hours.
  • Social media platforms provide a powerful channel for businesses to connect with their audience, share updates, and build relationships. Social media marketing is a key component of digital marketing.
  • Digital marketing campaigns can be adjusted quickly in response to changing market conditions or business needs. This flexibility is crucial in a dynamic business environment.
  • Digital marketing tactics such as content marketing, email marketing, and lead magnets contribute to lead generation, helping businesses capture and nurture potential customers.
  • With the increasing use of smartphones, digital marketing allows businesses to reach users on mobile devices, ensuring that marketing messages are accessible to people on the go.
  • Implementing effective digital marketing strategies can provide a competitive advantage, especially for small businesses that may not have the budget for extensive traditional marketing campaigns.

Types of digital marketing


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Frequently Asked Questions

Ques.  How many months will take get ranked in top 10?
Answer.   4 months sometime it takes 5-6 months

Ques.  How many keywords you will suggest?
Answer-   Depends on clients need.

Ques.   In starting how many keywords is good for SEO?
Answer-   Basically minimum 10 keywords.

Ques.  Are you going to provide report? If yes then when?
Answer-  we will Provide weekly updates of Keyword ranking , Traffic & progress.

Ques.   Are you able to rank my website in france or USA?
Answer-    Yes, we can rank any website in all over world. we can work on any language of website and on any location.

Ques.   What will be contract between client and Techoriginator?
Ans-  We always Charge 50% advance monthly payment in starting of month and  rest end of month Or we can work on weekly payment basis.

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