Social media marketing

Social media marketing

Now days  when client wanted to buy a product they try to check a brand value from social media page of company and try to check a review and rating of business and all post comments and follower / subscribers of page . If they don’t find it as good they deny to buy product. social media marketing is very important for winning a trust of customer. customer trust those brand which have good Reviews , views , followers , likes and comment on social media page and post. If any customer like any content on social media page they share with all his fellow and which also help in sales. So Try our social media marketing strategy and Grow your business from today.

1 Follower or subscriber = 5 INR for real
1 like = 2 INR
1 comment = 10 INR
1 View on video = 0.50 paisa per view
1 review or recommendation = 50 INR
1 share = 5 INR
Video watch time (1 min) = 15 INR

Benefits: can lead generate, brand awareness, brand reputation build, visibility improves, number of views and interaction
Duration: (1 week working days)
Charges: Depends on clients requirement.

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