The risk of the Corona virus and the marriage of a 100-year-old British man In the UK,

The risk of the Corona virus and the marriage of a 100-year-old British man In the UK,

The government has advised older people over the age of 70 to stand alone due to the growing threat of the Corona virus. What will be the effect on the wedding soon? Yawar Abbas is a British filmmaker and journalist who has also worked with the BBC, he was soon going to marry his fellow Indian activist and writer Noor Zaheer. Their wedding was supposed to be held on March 27, but due to the Corona virus, their wedding plans got even tricky, as soon as 2,000 cases of corona virus were confirmed and the number of deaths in the UK reached 104. Has also started making decisions about banning gatherings. Talking to Dawn, Yawar Abbas said, “When we found out that people were being directed to stay away from each other, we immediately went to the Marriage Registrar’s office and asked if there was anyone else for them. What could be the plan? ‘


“In any case, they had no different plans and we were unable to wed if the prohibition on partition was restricted, after which we concluded that we ought to get hitched promptly,” he included.

Will, the registrar had only one hour at that time and one hour in the morning the next day, our witnesses could not be there in that one hour after which we decided to get married the next morning on March 17 ‘. Yawar Abbas and Noor Zaheer – Photo: Facebook According to Yawar Abbas, the marriage registrar also had an option that he could marry at his home, but doing so would require a new application which required a month’s time and we would not want to waste time at all. Were. Yawar Abbas hails from the Indian state of Uttar Pradesh, who began his career as a photographer in the British Army during World War II. He was associated with BBC Urdu from 1950 to 2009. The two celebrated their wedding with a small ceremony at the house, which invited only six people. One of the guests present at the ceremony said that she was about to witness the marriage of Yawar Abbas, but it was not possible.

“The two of them looked so glad and quiet simultaneously, I can’t portray the delight I saw on their faces, it resembled a fantasy,” he said.

Yawar Abbsas & Noor Zaheer : Picture By Facebook

He added that Yawar Abbas was wearing a suit in the registrar’s office, but during the ceremony held at the house, he was seen wearing black and red West coast. But how did Yawar Abbas decide to get married at the age of 100 despite the threat of the Corona virus?

Right now, stated, “Just love roused me to do this, we both cherished one another, at that point it didn’t make a difference what my age was, it was more than 60 years

Old and old. We didn’t even make a difference, we’re both very happy together. “Noor Zaheer also participated in the protests against Prime Minister Narendra Modi in India, and Yawar Abbas praised him for this, saying that I am sorry that India and Pakistan are being led by an extremist party in India. The people present were impressed.

                                                           A total of six people attended their wedding:Picture by Facebook

Noor Zaheer is one of the four daughters of popular Urdu author Sajjad and Razia Sajjad. When Zaheer was asked if he was afraid of the virus, he said, “Well, both of us are susceptible, but I am not afraid of global outbreaks, because as a worker, I have come to India. Worked in many remote areas and faced serious health risks, it is different that their scale was less than that. ‘Also read: Corona virus kills 35 in UK He said that on the opening day of the wedding, the two would spend separately, during which they would talk to each other and read some new books. According to Noor Zahir, “We have known each other for the past 10 years, but the relationship grew when we met during a festival in October last year, and our friendship deepened and we decided that we were always friends.” Will ‘. While people are certainly surprised to hear of the marriage of a 100-year-old man, both of his friends supported him on the decision. In this regard, the pained Ansari said, “Yawar Abbas is an honorable man who wanted to honor and protect Nur by formalizing their relationship.”

He stated: “Individuals will be astonished to know about a 100-year-elderly person’s marriage, yet don’t think so now, Yawar’s home will be settled now, and he won’t be

Alone anymore, he has lived alone and has many problems. Had to face them, but now there is someone to take care of them. ‘When Zaheer was asked about the age difference between him and Yawar, he said, “We give much importance to age, what can be done if no true age of love is specified”.



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