Reunion of Sussane khan And Hritak Roshan During Quarantine Period

Reunion of Sussane khan And Hritak Roshan During Quarantine Period

Susanne Khan went with Hritak Roshan to occupy time with her family during isolation during coronavirus epidemic.

Taking to Instagram, Hritak said Susan Khan has temporarily left her home to stay with her.

The couple, who have two sons – Harihan and Hridan – separated in 2014.

The actress shared Susan’s photo on Instagram:

“As a parent, it is unimaginable for me to consider untying my family when there is a lockdown in the country. It is heartening to see the deep uncertainty and the months of social distance and for several weeks now, the world has been coming together in a time of possible lockdowns. As the world talks about humanity coming together, I think it doesn’t represent just one idea, especially parents. Participate in child custody – How to keep your children close to them without violating the rights of others. This is a picture of the beloved Susan (my ex-wife), who has kindly planned to voluntarily leave her home so that our children will be able to meet one of us. Don’t miss out. Thank you so much for helping and understanding Susan on our journey of mutual support. Our children will share the story we create for them. I hope and pray for myself and to protect the health of our loved ones, we all find a way to express love, sympathy, courage, strength with open heart. ”
Susan Khan with Hritak Roshan steps in to take care of the children during quarantine.

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