Corona: 864 deaths a day in Spain, 9053 total deaths, COVID-19 positive patients cross one lac

Corona: 864 deaths a day in Spain, 9053 total deaths, COVID-19 positive patients cross one lac

Spain has the highest number of deaths from Kovid 19 in 180 countries battling the worldwide corona virus epidemic, 864 corona patients have died in the last 24 hours, the highest in Spain in one day in the corona crisis is. The number of corona positive cases in Spain has crossed one lakh, while the total death toll has reached 9053. As of Tuesday, there were 8189 deaths in Spain, while the number of positive cases was 94417. The number of corona patients in Spain has increased to 1 lakh 2 thousand 136.

Spain has had a lockdown since March 14, but rising data on patients and deaths do not suggest corona virus outbreaks. Spain’s health officials say the disease may now be entering the stabilization phase — a situation when the number of deaths and new patients stops increasing every day.

With the increasing death, the opposition’s attack on PM Pedro Sanchez government is getting sharper, which is accusing the government of not taking strict and necessary steps at the right time. At the same time, the government is saying that it is working on the advice of the World Health Organization and government experts.

Starting from China, the biggest victim of Corona’s havoc has been the European country Italy, where so far more than 12 thousand people have died of this disease. Spain is second in terms of death followed by America where more than 4000 people have lost their lives to Corona so far.

After America, France is where more than three and a half thousand people have died. China is at number five where more than 3300 deaths have been officially confirmed. Countries with more than 500 deaths include Iran, United Kingdom, Netherlands, Germany, Belgium. There have been 1673 cases of corona in India so far in which 133 were cured and 38 have died.

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