Website Development

What is website development?

A place connected to the Internet, where a company, organization, etc. puts information that can be found on the World Wide Web.

1. Connectivity, communication, and sharing
2. Information, knowledge, and learning
3. Address, mapping, and contact information
4. Selling and making money
5. Banking, bills, and shopping
6. Donations and funding
7. Entertainment
8. Work from home, collaboration, and access to a global workforce
9. Cloud computing and cloud storage

Type of website

1. eCommerce website.
2. Business website.
3. Blog website.
4. Portfolio website.
5. Event website.
6. Personal website.
7. Membership website.
8. Nonprofit website.
9. Informational website
10. Online forum
11. custom websites

Technologies we use

to complete development of website we must know

  1. Front end development.
  2. Back end development.
  3. Database development

1. Front end development 

On front end development front end developer works who knows everything mentioned :

2. Back end development

On Back end development Back end developer works who knows Core technologies and database
Core PHP

3. Database development


In our team we also work on framework and CMS of PHP

Framework : A framework is a structure that you can build software on. It serves as a foundation, so you’re not starting entirely from scratch.

(In short its a readymade code library which programmer reuse and build web)

CMS : CMS stands for content management system. CMS is computer software or an application that uses a database to manage all content, and it can be used when developing a website.
(In short its a readymade Solution which programmer use to develop web just by changing images and text.)

How to calculate charges of website development or How much website development cost?
Charges of website development depends on many factor but major factor is Time and effort as well man power required in web development. some other factor like how much urgent work is and how tough job is and years of experience required to solve the web issues?
1. Try to find out total time required (time depends on number of features client needs in website and quality of work client is expecting.)
2. Try to find number of manpower required.( if urgent task manpower may require more)
3. How much urgent job is?
4. How much tough task is?
5. Is very experienced developer required ?

So always ask all this things and then team will write down everything on paper and try to calculate charges and duration.
5 pages portfolio website cost $150 (5 days)