Corona virus: India’s lowest rate to reach 1500 cases, Iran becomes so many patients in 13 days

Corona virus: India’s lowest rate to reach 1500 cases, Iran becomes so many patients in 13 days

On 1 April 2020, the number of people infected with the corona virus in India increased to more than 1500. It took a total of 63 days to cross this figure. Among the major countries where corona has the highest infection, India has the lowest rate of infection. At the same time, Iran has the highest rate of infection. After the first case surfaced here on February 19, more than 1500 people were infected in just 13 days.

On the other hand, it took 53 days for America to cross, 32 to Italy and 40 days to Spain. In this period, India is also behind in terms of infection deaths. In 63 days, there were only 38 cases of death in the country. Due to precautionary steps taken by the Government of India, the cases of infection did not spread rapidly in the country. Of these 21 days lockdown is the most prominent.

46 in China and 53 days in America
The first case was reported in China on 11 December 2019 and the number of infected people crossed 1500 (1975) in 46 days. 56 people died during this period. At the same time, in the case of America, the first case came here on 20 January and in 53 days the number of infected crossed 1500 (1630). During this period, 41 people died here.

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The fastest 1500 cases in Iran
On January 31 in Italy, the first corona-infected patient was found and in 32 days it has grown to more than 1500 (1701) patients. In 32 days, 41 people died here too. The first patient of Corona in Iran was found on 19 February and in just 13 days, 1500 patients became here and 66 people lost their lives.

More than 150 patients in Spain in 40 days
The first infection of the corona virus occurred in Spain on 31 January, and 40 days later, on 10 March, 1695 patients were present. During this, 36 people died here. The number of corona infections in the world has crossed 9 million. Most people are infected in the United States and the most lives are in Italy. China has now lagged behind in both these cases. There are very few cases of corona virus now.
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