Corona Virus: Why lockdown for 21 days in India?

Corona Virus: Why lockdown for 21 days in India?

Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Tuesday announced a three-week nationwide lockdown beginning at midnight, making it clear that this is the only way to break the Covid 19 infection cycle. It essentially extended Lockdown from most states and central regions across the country and provided a more clear timeline. “Social separation is the best way to break the pattern of disease,” he said.

The government made it clear that all other lockdown conditions, such as availability of essential goods, are the same.In his second location to the country on the episode of Code 19, Modi requested that individuals remain inside their homes for 21 days, notice that on the off chance that they didn’t  do so, the country would be left behind for 21 years and families would be destroyed. His last address was on March 19.

The Prime Minister said, “It’s like a curfew, and much harder than a” Janata Curfew “(March 22).” Given the current situation, this lockdown will be 21 days. It is to save India, to save every citizen and to save his family. Don’t step outside your home. For 21 days, forget what’s going out. Laxman is lying at your doorstep. Even a step outside your home will carry the Corona virus inside your home.Even before the midnight deadline, Modi issued an appeal to the public to withdraw from panic buying. The government has also issued a notification stating that all necessary services will remain open as before and all necessary supplies and medicines will be available. Banks, ATMs, petrol pumps, hospitals and grocery stores will continue to operate. However, all transportation services – air, rail and roadways – will remain suspended until April 14.

Corporate India welcomes Lockdown. “These are tough decisions, but they need to be taken to make sure we can cope with Quad-19,” Tata Sons chairman N Chandrasekaran told ET.Hero Motor Corp Chairman Poon Manjal said, “The Prime Minister has made the right decision … We are in solidarity with the Prime Minister and pledge ourselves to provide all the necessary support and services the Government needs.” ”

The Prime Minister’s move extended the lockdown, which was implemented by most states until April 31, and by April 14, the number of people infected with Quad 19 in India had increased from 471 on Tuesday to 536, while the deaths. The number increased from nine to 10. Ministry of Health data showed that 39 of these patients had been cured and discharged. Government officials called it a positive development.

Need for solidarity

The latest move came when the Center realized the need for uniformity in all states and sought options to implement lockdowns across the country under the National Disaster Response Act, 2005.Positive cases in Kerala and Maharashtra were affected by an increase of 95 and 89, respectively.Cabinet Secretary Rajiv Goba wrote a letter to all states on Tuesday that, with the increase in the number of infections, surveillance and communication efforts need to be increased to break the transmission chain.

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