These mistakes are increasing weight during corona virus lockdown

These mistakes are increasing weight during corona virus lockdown

The entire country is currently adopting social distancing in an attempt to reduce the spread of the corona virus. Along with spending time with family at home, people are also adopting various methods to take care of themselves. But during this time, too much relaxation is easily spoiling their daily routine. Many people are doing office work sitting from home, then there is no shortage of people who are losing control of weight during the quarantine due to the deteriorating routine. During this time there is a lot of possibility of weight gain in the home environment. Dr. Anurag Shahi of AIIMS associated with says that unhealthy lifestyle, Stress and carelessness about food are leading to obesity. This obesity can also cause many other serious health problems. People living in quarantine due to corona viral lockdown are making some mistakes that are known or inadvertently causing weight gain. Know which mistakes are causing additional weight gain during the lockdown period.

of the important factors to prevent oversinking corona virus infection is a strong immune system. Many health experts are advising people to eat only homemade food during regular lockdowns. However, when people are stuck at home, there is a possibility of increasing the habit of eating unhealthy. It is also seen that a person can also eat more breakfast while resting, which can lead to weight gain. The habit of eating something while living at home, ie over-snacking is a big reason for gaining weight.

Irregular eating pattern
It is not that what the person always eats should be the reason for the weight gain, but also when the person eats it also becomes the cause of his weight gain. This is because body clock, metabolism and digestion are interconnected in complex ways. As there are fewer things to do during this lockdown period, food starts at any time. Researchers have also found that irregular eating patterns can contribute to weight gain.

poor sleep
Many people in lockdown are experiencing fear, anxiety, stress as well as boredom, which can lead to poor sleep at night. But when bedtime becomes irregular, the weight increases. According to various researches, poor sleep can affect hormones that control appetite. Lack of sleep reduces leptin. It is a hormone that suppresses appetite and encourages the body to expend energy. Dr. Nabi Wali, associated with, says insomnia can increase mental health problems as well as risk to overall health. It can weaken the immune system as well as increase the risk of obesity.

How to reduce weight in quarantine
Whether the goal is to gain weight or lose weight, there are some things that can be practiced to manage weight in this lockdown period. Some of its tips include keeping yourself busy. In addition, being physically active is also important to keep the body healthy. Exercising for at least 30 minutes per day should be a standard routine for people.

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