Navratri Hindu Religious Festival

Navratri Hindu Religious Festival

Friends, today we will talk about the festival of Navratri celebrated by the Sanatan Dharma (Hindu religion) of our country, which Hindus living abroad with our country also celebrate with great enthusiasm every time. What is the significance of Navratri festival with this article from us, why is Navratri festival celebrated, What forms of Mother Durga are worshiped in Navratri festival, when and how Navratri is celebrated, what are the ways of celebrating it, what is the mythology of celebrating Navratri festival and get many information related to Navratri festival can do.

The Navratri festival is mainly made twice per year, according to the Hindi months, the first Navratri is celebrated in Chaitra month and the second Navratri is celebrated in Ashwin month. According to the English months, the first Navratri is celebrated with great fervor in March / April and the second Navratri in September / October. After the puja archana which lasts for 9 days of Navratri, the tenth day is celebrated with great loudness as Dussehra. Navratri festival lasts for 9 days and worship of 9 different forms of Maa Durga is offered for 9 days, hence the name of the festival is Navratri. The following is a description of who is worshiped and whose day is celebrated in these 9 forms of Maa Durga –

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