Coronavirus latest updates in India
New Delhi; The government imposed partial shutdown in most parts of the country as the death toll from the novel Corona virus reached seven and the number of positive cases reached 415. Prime Minister Narendra Modi has locked the public to strictly follow lockdown advisers. The central government has called on the state to take legal action against the violations.

The Indian Railways has extended a stay in the retirement room for standard commuters until the resumption of normal passenger service.

According to the Ministry of Health and Family Welfare, the total number of positive cases of coronary virus in the country rose to 415 on Monday morning.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi says many people are not taking Lockdown seriously.
” A few people are as yet not paying attention to Lockdown. Please protect yourself and your family and follow the directions seriously. I encourage state governments to uphold the standards. “PM Narendra Modi Tweeted

As the lockdown goes up, the equity index sinks

The benchmark BSE’s Sensex lost more than 3,500 points on Monday as equity indicators fell, when the lockdown rose to control the deadly Corona virus outbreak. After resuming trading, the Sensex fell 3,500 points and the Nifty fell below 7,750 levels.

Three deaths, 68 new incidents were reported on Sunday

The Coved-19 infection claimed three more deaths in the country on Sunday, bringing the death toll to seven, as states continue to report that one case has increased to 415. ۔
On Sunday, 68 states were registered by 14 states, the second largest incident for a single day after 77 cases were reported on Saturday. Reported on Sunday.

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