What is JavaScript ? And reason to learn Java script ?


What is JavaScript ? And reason to learn Java script ?

JavaScript is the universal language on the web. It is not only used in the front end but also for back end developers. Nowadays, JavaScript is mostly used in Machine Learning, as well as for Application Development and Game Development.

There are many numbers of libraries available in JavaScript which makes development very easy. The most popular code editor “VS Code” is built with the help of JavaScript. Therefore, it is one of the most useful Programming Languages you should learn in 2020.

 Reasons to Learn javascript

  • JavaScript is the universal Programming Language on the Internet. Each and every single website you see on the Internet is used JavaScript. Even the browsers are also built with JavaScript. That’s why JavaScript said to be the standard Programming Language on the web.
  • There is a very large quantity of Jobs available for JavaScript Developer. When it comes to Job opportunities, JavaScript is one of the most demanding Programming Languages to date. So, if you are good with JavaScript, you will not face any job scarcity now and also in the future.
  • There is a huge development community support for JavaScript. So, you will get lots and lots of free online tutorials to learn JavaScript.
  • JavaScript is an adaptable or multi-purpose Programming Language. JavaScript is the Programming Language that can be used for mobile development, web development, big data and also for machine learning. So, if you know JavaScript you can create applications for all those platforms very easily.

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