What is Go Lang and reason to learn Go lang ?

go lang

What is Go Lang and reason to learn Go lang ?

GoLang is one of the modern and most popular Programming Language nowadays. Golang language is managed and maintained by Google. To some extends, Golang is even much better as compared to python. Google has made it full of resources and easy to read syntax for the users. In the future, Google will use the language in its majority of projects for sure.

Reasons to Learn Golang

  • Golang is best known for its better performance and efficiency. The performance of Golang is much similar to C/C++. So, if you are in a search of modern Programming Language with high performance, Golang is the best language for you.
  • The syntax of the Golang Programming Language is much easier than others. It is even easier than Python as well as JavaScript. So, you can read, write and maintain your coding easily.
  • Golang is supported by Google. Google is one of the most trusted tech companies, so you will not face any stability issue if you are using Golang for sure.

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