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What is Go Lang and reason to learn Go lang ?

GoLang is one of the modern and most popular Programming Language nowadays. Golang language is managed and maintained by Google. To some extends, Golang is even much better as compared to python. Google has made it full of resources and easy to read syntax for the users. In the future, Google will use the...


What is Java ? and reason to learn Java ?

Java is the object-oriented Programming Language on the internet. It is the language that is mostly used for Android Developments. Java is used for server-side scripting and also for Application or Software Development. Java is entirely object-oriented programming language. So, if you want to deep dive into object-oriented programming and nourish your skills, Java is...


What is JavaScript ? And reason to learn Java script ?

JavaScript is the universal language on the web. It is not only used in the front end but also for back end developers. Nowadays, JavaScript is mostly used in Machine Learning, as well as for Application Development and Game Development. There are many numbers of libraries available in JavaScript which makes development very easy. The...


What is python ? and reason to learn python ?

Python is a multi-purpose Programming Language. Python is mainly used for web development and data analysis. With the help of python, data analysis becomes so easy that you can build a neural network or machine learning model without having the knowledge of algorithms and mathematics behind it. Python comes with a huge set of libraries...