What is Java ? and reason to learn Java ?


What is Java ? and reason to learn Java ?

Java is the object-oriented Programming Language on the internet. It is the language that is mostly used for Android Developments. Java is used for server-side scripting and also for Application or Software Development.

Java is entirely object-oriented programming language. So, if you want to deep dive into object-oriented programming and nourish your skills, Java is the best programming language for you.

 Reasons to Learn java

  • Java is an adaptable Programming Language. It is the most used language for Android Development. Java is also heavily used for Web as well as Desktop application development. Java is a multi-purpose Programming Language, so it fully depends on you for which platform you want to use it.
  • Java has good community support as well. There are a huge number of free resources available for you online if you want to learn Java or Debug your Java code.
  • Java is fully API loaded Programming Language. So, there will be a very large quantity of APIs available for you, when you program in Java. This will make your Programming journey much easier and faster.
  • Java is one of the most demanding and important Programming Language. Java is used on all platforms, whether it is Mobile, Desktop or Web it is used everywhere. So, the need for Java Developer automatically increases high as most of the businesses and companies are using Java in their core technology.

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