What is C/C++ and reason to Learn C/C++?


What is C/C++ and reason to Learn C/C++?

C and C++ is the first Programming Language that we usually learn in our college days. If you are looking to make a career in Programming and want to build a strong foundation in Programming and Computer Science, then you should definitely go with C and C++ programming language.

C and C++ is one of the most powerful and fastest Programming Language. Therefore, C++ is widely and heavily used for game development as a small delay in-game can ruin the whole gaming experience.

Reasons to Learn C/C++

  • C/C++ helps you in Making your basics and computer fundamentals easy and crystal clear. C/C++ are the Programming Language which will help you to become a better programmer. As you will learn a lot about memory management, pointers and also object-oriented programming. So, once you have learned C/C++, you will be able to learn any Programming Language as easy as you can. C/C++ will increase your logic building ability much more than any other language. It is comparatively little difficult to learn C/C++ than another language. But once you learned the language, then other Programming Languages will become just a piece of cake for you.
  • C/C++ have good community support. During your learning process, you will find lots of tutorials for C/C++ very easily online.
  • C/C++ is among the most efficient and fastest Programming Language. As with C/C++, memory management becomes much easy for users. that’s why most of the popular software and games are built with C/C++.
  • Most of the operating systems are built using C/C++. So, if you know C/C++, you will come to know much about Operating System and how it works.

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