Now in 5 minutes, someone will know whether or not corona is, this company claimed to make test kit

Now in 5 minutes, someone will know whether or not corona is, this company claimed to make test kit

There is good news in the circumstances of the crisis arising from the corona virus. A US laboratory has developed a test kit for the corona virus that can tell if a person is infected in just five minutes. The special thing is that it is such a lightweight and small kit that it is very easy to carry it from one place to another.

Abbott Laboratories said in a statement that the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has given it emergency approval to provide it to health care providers as early as next week. In a statement released to the press on Friday, the company said that in this investigation based on molecular technology, if a person is not infected, it will be detected in 13 minutes.

Robert Ford, president and chief operating officer of the company, said, “The Kovid-19 global pandemic will be fought on a variety of fronts, and a portable molecular test that results in minutes will provide the diagnostic solution needed to fight the virus.” Ford said the probe kit being micro meant that it could be installed outside hospitals where there are a lot of Covid-19 cases.

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Corona virus cases exceeded 100,000 in US
Corona virus cases are increasing in the US and now they have crossed the 100,000 mark. Tracker from Johns Hopkins University revealed the figures on Friday. As of 6 pm in the US, 1,00,717 cases, including 1,544 deaths, were reported. Most cases are coming from New York. The number of cases of infection in the US is about 15,000 from Italy and more than 20,000 from China. The disease was first detected in China and came to be the center of it. The death rate on infected cases in the US is about 1.5 percent, compared to around 10.5 percent in Italy.

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