21 days lockdown announced by PM modi. what to do in lockdown ?

21 days lockdown announced by PM modi. what to do in lockdown ?

what we have to do in this 21 days?

if we want to get rid of corona virus then what we need to do? how we can win over this pandemic ?

if you feel boring then it’s ok… because if you will alive then you can enjoy a lot. think about you and your family and stay at your home. we Mumbaikar’s must follow all this given instructions.

  • call your local vendor (shop owner) for grocery and order as much as you can buy for next 21 days and ask them to deliver at your door. even if they demand to pay delivery charges please do it. in this way you can make sure you and shopkeeper’s life will be secure. do not buy grocery in crowd or do not gather once at a time on shop.
  • do not travel. try to keep your self in your house. do not try to meet your friends and family.
  • spend your time by watching TV, movie or best reading books.
  • keep your children at your home , do not allow them to meet with their friends to play together.
  • keep wash your hand every hour.
  • take a bath if you visited outside and only visit outside if its emergency or very important.
  • take care of people who are more then 50 years old. do not allow to them to visit outside.
  • do not allow your kids to spend time with people who are more then 50 years old.
  • Help your neighbors as much as because many people short of money or resources but carefully .
  • use hand gloves and mask and keep wash  both using sensitize.
  • do not smoke , drink or don’t use tobacco all this weakened your strength and immune.
  • sleep as much as you can and drink boiled water as much as.
  • try to separate your self from your partner , do not try to make a physical relationship till next 30 days.
  • keep your hand in your pocket when you are visiting any other place or going outside. don’t hug or handshake.
  • order online an induction cooker because who’s know when your LPG gas will be empty . may be it will not refilled.
  • try to help others and do not spread false rumors. if anyone doing it them expose them.
  • motivate each other and please do not show your bravery . keep your self inside your house.
  • If you want you can plan about start up business or do future planning for your life.

Guys this is the time you got for your family , spend as much as time and make them happy. let them know how much you love them. take care them and care your self. if you liked my article share and comment.

if any suggestion or improvement needs in this article then please suggest us.


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