total number of corona virus cases?

corona in mumbai

total number of corona virus cases?

Till now total number of confirmed cases in India rises to 607. and in that only 106 cases from Maharashtra state.
total death in India by corona is 10 in that 3 people died from Maharashtra.

Now let me clear you that how many cases form Mumbai are active positive of corona virus. almost 80% of corona virus cases from Maharashtra is in Mumbai district. There is a chance of to present a corona virus infected people in Goregaon, malad and in andheri. FROM SOURCE 2 suspect was in goregaon but people informed to police and then ambulance came and took them to hospital. we are not even sure about there reports are positive or negative.

Guys don’t be afraid if anyone suffering from cold and cough or fever then visit to hospital and quarantine your self so at-least you can not harm others life. we mumbaikar can fight against corona virus. we already fought with many emergency situations. it’s a time to show the power of unity. it’s time to show a power of india in front of other country’s. support our government and follow the instruction given by PM modi.



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