What is Adobe Photoshop ?


What is Adobe Photoshop ?

A photo, image, and graphic design editing software solution, Adobe Photoshop CC is targeted at professional graphic designers, artists and photographers to come up with their creative mind. It enables users to design websites design, posters, icons, mobile apps and also banners using easy-to-use tools and built-in templates make it easy for the users. For photographers, the app has tools that aid in picture creation and enhancement, making excellent and creative works of art out of photographs.

Using the software, you can create and enhance illustrations, 3D artworks, and paintings and come up with great ideas. Unique patterns and effects, along with varieties of brushes aid in the creation and customization of digital works. Other key features include brush smoke smoothing, brush management, access to Adobe Lightroom photos, paint symmetry, and luminance masking controls and many more amazing features.

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