what is Pixlr ?


what is Pixlr ?

Pixlr is a suite of web-based image editing apps that can run on any browser and also on the operating system. The software offers the user for all essential photo editing tools for basic and professional-level enhancements, multi-image format templates, and two million-plus filters, overlays, and effects in one app. While it has an array of tools for sophisticated editing, it also provides tools for quick image fixes and tweaks without losing the professional quality of that image. This makes it a handy tool for swift touch-ups and, with native mobile apps, for editing on the go.

Pixlr is made up of four applications – Pixlr X, an online photo editing platform; Pixlr Editor and Pixlr Express which are web apps and also the Pixlr Pro. The first three are free for the users while the last one is an affordable subscription-based plan. The software is a lightweight app and consumes very low memory even on mobile devices. Pixlr has a solid and large community of users and fans. To date, it has racked up more than 500 million-plus total users and 10 billion-plus total images edited using its applications.

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