Trump speaks – 16 million probes for Corona virus in the US so far, social distance is very important

Trump speaks – 16 million probes for Corona virus in the US so far, social distance is very important

President Donald Trump said that there have been 16 million investigations so far for the Corona virus in the country. As the death toll approached 10,000 due to the deadly virus infection, he appealed to the countrymen to stay indoors to maintain social distance. During a press conference in the White House on Sunday, Trump said, “There have been 16 million investigations in the United States so far, the highest in any country.” A major disaster has been declared for almost the entire country, and more than 95 percent of the US population of 33 million are under orders to stay indoors. ”

The death toll from the Corona virus in the United States has crossed 9,500 Sunday night, which is three times the number of people killed in the 9/11 attacks. More than 3.3 lakh people in the country are infected with corona virus infection. Terming US efforts against the Corona virus a “military operation,” Trump said that millions of masks, gloves, protective equipment and medical supplies have been transported to the country from all over the world. “This is a really strong military campaign that we have started and especially for the past few weeks,” Trump said. There are preparations to announce a major disaster in 50 states and regions, which is very unusual. ”

Reiterating his emphasis on the use of malaria drug hydrochloroquine to combat the Corona virus, Trump said that the US has bought around 2.9 million doses to distribute across the country. Meanwhile, with the death toll rising, health officials have warned that next week may be a “moment like Pearl Harbor.” In view of this, US governors have appealed to the White House to formulate a national strategy against the rapidly spreading corona virus.

Senior scientist Anthony Faucci, who is making policy to tackle the global pandemic crisis in the country, warned of the great danger and said that Americans should be prepared for a “bad week.” Faucci told CBS on Sunday, “I will not say that we have overcome it.” American Surgeon General Jerome Adams warned Fox News and told Fox News, “This is the most difficult of most Americans’ lives.” And there is going to be a sad week. “It’s going to be a moment like 9/11 for us at Pearl Harbor, the only difference is that it’s not going to be here just for us,” he said. Meanwhile, a program scheduled for the 10th anniversary of America’s worst mining accident has been canceled.

29 people lost their lives in the accident at Upper Big Branch mine in West Virginia on Sunday. The decision to cancel the program was taken weeks ago due to the global epidemic of the Corona virus. The bereaved families were allowed to pay wreaths from dawn to dusk at the memorial site in Whitesville, near the mine, while US Navy commanders who lost their jobs as members of their Corona virus-affected crew sought public help. Was found infected in the Covid-19 probe.

Information on the results of Captain Brett Crozier’s Covid-19 investigation was published in the New York Times on Sunday. Just hours before US Defense Minister Mark Espar justified the dismissal of the captain, the decision to remove him from the job was widely criticized and it was termed as unfair punishment given to the honorable officer who did good to his crew. Were talking about After the vessel was erected in Guam, he requested his superiors to allow the vessel to be evacuated soon.

Crozier wrote in a leaked letter to the media, “We are not at war. It is not necessary for the Navy to die. ”But some senior Pentagon officials said that by making their prayers public, they made a mistake that resulted in them being punished.

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