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Resturants Website

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In a restaurant website, the following pages and features are typically included:


  1. Home (Homepage):
    • The main landing page that welcomes visitors and provides an introduction to the restaurant. It may feature highlights, special offers, or menu previews.
  2. About Us (About):
    • This page shares the restaurant’s history, mission, values, and any unique aspects that set it apart from others.
  3. Menu:
    • A dedicated section where the restaurant’s menu is displayed. This may include lunch, dinner, dessert, drinks, and any special menus.
  4. Online Ordering / Reservation:
    • Options for customers to make reservations or place orders online. This may include a reservation form or integration with reservation systems like OpenTable.
  5. Gallery:
    • A showcase of images highlighting the restaurant’s ambiance, decor, dishes, and events.
  6. Location / Contact:
    • Information on the restaurant’s physical location(s), including address, map, directions, and contact details such as phone number and email.
  7. Events/News:
    • Details about upcoming events, special promotions, news updates, or any community involvement.
  8. Reviews/Testimonials:
    • Customer reviews or testimonials that showcase feedback and experiences from past patrons.
  9. Blog/Articles:
    • Optional: A section for articles related to food trends, recipes, chef’s tips, or restaurant news.
  10. Privacy Policy and Terms of Service:
    • Legal pages outlining privacy policies, terms of service, and disclaimers.


  • Responsive Design: Ensures the website is accessible and looks good on various devices (desktops, tablets, smartphones).
  • Online Reservations: Integration with a reservation system for booking tables online.
  • Online Ordering: Capability for customers to order food online for pickup or delivery.
  • Menu PDF Download: Option to download the menu in PDF format.
  • Social Media Integration: Links to social media profiles for customers to connect and share their experiences.
  • Newsletter Signup: Option for visitors to subscribe to updates, promotions, or newsletters.
  • Photo Gallery: Display of high-quality images showcasing the restaurant’s food, ambiance, and events.
  • Contact Form: A form for customers to send inquiries, feedback, or specific requests.
  • Google Maps Integration: Embedded map for easy navigation to the restaurant’s location.




  • Admin will add & delete pages and services .
  • Admin will write / add & delete blogs and articals and FAQs.
  • Admin will add & delete gallery images.
  • Admin will add & delete dishes in menu
  • Admin will see all orders.
  • Admin will add Inventory.
  • Admin will see all received orders , cancle orders and delivered orders.


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