COVID-19: Masks are kept for hours, so keep these things in mind

COVID-19: Masks are kept for hours, so keep these things in mind

People are trying to stay away from each other for fear of a corona virus epidemic. There is a lockdown to prevent the spread of corona virus in many countries around the world. Scientists are also engaged in finding out how the disease has spread. They are trying to find a cure and vaccine for this disease and many clinical tests have also started in many places around the world, but no major relief has been revealed. Therefore, the best option for all is to fully adopt corona virus prevention methods.

Dr. Ajay Mohan of AIIMS, associated with, says that infecting viruses spread mainly to a healthy person by touching an infected person or object. People are mainly exposed to the corona virus in many situations, including breathing in infected air when coughing or sneezing by an infected person, standing near the infected person and talking to him, shaking hands with him. In such a situation, people are being appealed to wash their hands frequently and at the same time it has become necessary to wear masks. Earlier experts said that protective masks are not necessary if the person is not a health care professional caring for corona virus patients or if not exposed to high-risk environments. But now many scientists and experts are saying that the face must be covered while going out. That is to say, wearing face masks has become very important.

Wearing mask for hours affects the skin.
Face masks provide great protection to health care professionals during the corono virus epidemic. It will also protect against infection, but an adverse effect of using these masks is that they can also cause skin damage. This is because masks have to be worn for many hours, especially if you work in a high-risk environment.


Skincare experts at Huddersfield University say that wearing a face mask can cause skin damage. This damage is caused by sweat and rubbing of the mask on the nose. Professor Karen Ose, director of the Institute of Skin Integrity and Infection Prevention, another specialist, says there is a risk of pressure loss in those wearing face masks. He said, ‘Sweating under the mask causes friction, which causes pressure damage on the nose and cheeks. This can cause skin rash and possible infection. ‘


According to Professor Ose, ‘Healthcare professionals who wear masks must fit on the face. People wearing masks keep their skin clean, well hydrated and moisturized. If applying the cream at least half an hour before applying the mask, it will be beneficial for the skin. Remove mask pressure every two hours. This will help the skin to breathe.


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