COVID-19: Can Corona Virus be spread by having sex with partner? Learn what the doctor said

COVID-19: Can Corona Virus be spread by having sex with partner? Learn what the doctor said

There is a 21-day lockdown due to corona virus across the country. Everyone is forced to stay at home. Social distancing is being said to be very important to prevent corona virus. In such a situation, does the corona virus spread by having sex? As such, no guidelines have been issued so far. We have brought expert advice for you related to corona virus and sex related questions. Find out what Gauri Kulkarni, Family Medicine Specialist and Head of DocsApp Medical Operation, said in response to questions related to it:

Can sex with a partner also spread covid-19?
Doctor Kulkarni says that the first thing we have to understand is that corona virus is a droplets infection, and there is no evidence as to whether it spreads through sex. But there is one thing that when you and your partner are intimated, there is a greater chance of the virus being transferred. That’s why doctor Kulkarni says that by having sex at this time
Do dieting. If the partner has symptoms like cough, sneezing, then we should stay away from it and do different quarantine. Social distancing also applies to partners.


Is oral sex safe?
Doctor Kulkarni says that as already stated if your partner is seeing any symptoms of phlegm, sneezing and fever, then it is safe to stay away.

Can I avoid the corona virus by applying a face mask while having sex?

Doctor Kulkarni says that I would not say corona virus can be avoided by applying mask during sex. There is a lot of chance that you are affected by this.
Doctor Kulkarni’s advice is that you can be safe only by staying separate from your partner.

What should we do in the bedroom to avoid the corona virus?
Before going to bedrooms, you must first change your clothes, in addition to change your slippers. You should sanitize yourself there. You should take a bath and hang your clothes outside for 24 hours. If your partner is showing any symptoms of Corona virus, then mask should be kept for 24 hours.

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