What is GIMP ?


What is GIMP ?

A free and open-source image editing software, GIMP has a ton and tons of features that can give the most popular software in its category a run for its money. This feature-laden tool is capable of easily good tuning images and creating remarkable works of art output from simple photographs. Its recognized functionalities include noise reduction, image enhancement tools, customizable brushes, and color adjustment tools all for free.

GIMP also has features that can highly benefit advanced users such as Bezier curves, filters, layer masks, and an animation package. The platform supports pre-installed or downloadable plugins which are very useful features. Its user interface is simple and clean so that it can be used with ease, requiring no training at all. Albeit the product may not have the comprehensive functionalities of commercial editing tools, but it has all the editing features that you need. Customization options, meanwhile, let users enhance productivity. The software also supports third-party plugins easily.

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