COVID-19: Hearing of news of corona virus is causing stress, then read psychological advice

COVID-19: Hearing of news of corona virus is causing stress, then read psychological advice

The news of the 21-day lockdown and the growing case of Kovid 19 is having a very bad effect on your mental health. To avoid any kind of stress, firstly one should take special care of social distancing and your hygiene. To keep calm, trust the news coming from the right place, not rumors. Staying in lockdown, have to do their part by following the rules of social distancing and hygiene. According to many psychologists, hearing the news on corona virus is causing fear and tension in the minds of people, while it also causes them to be restless. If you take stress, then you will not be able to take the right decision at this time because the person under stress is confused about his ability to make decisions. Psychologist Dr. Reema Sehgal of Yashoda Super Specialty Hospital, Kaushambi, has given many tips that we can take to a great extent to relieve the stress and nervousness of this time of corona virus epidemic.

1. People should make their own schedule in this way. Keep in mind that we have to stay at home in our hands, there are options like social destancing and hygiene. So we can avoid this disease in this way. Therefore, if you make a schedule of your day, your mind will remain calm and no useless things will come in your mind. So follow your schedule.

2. Also keep in mind that in the time of panic, if the breath starts going fast, then you should take long deep breaths in such times. This will make your breathing normal. According to Dr. Reema, nervousness spoils our breath. Therefore, progressive muscular relaxation can do a lot of exercises from many audios uploaded on YouTube, which proves to be very beneficial in this. You can also do pranayama to avoid this.

3. According to Doctor Reema, one should not read social media messages on social media and WhatsApp all day long. You will take stress from this, so try to fix a time to watch news and messages.

4. Keep yourself busy with others and play some games at home, read the book. Be positive about the corona virus. The government is taking all necessary steps for your benefit.

5. If you have OCD then you should stay away from the news of corona virus. Instead they should focus their mind on the other side.

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