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Blog Managament

What is Blog Marketing ?
If you are a small or medium business owner and struggling with online sales, you should note that companies engaging in business blogging generate 65% more sales, Over time, you can potentially dominate your competitors and overtake them in search results, for a wide variety of search terms relevant for your target audience. Promoting your published content on the right social media platforms will create engagement with your potential customers and get you warm leads.

1- Keyword Research : We research topically relevant search phrases with monthly search volume, and create a calendar of keyword opportunities to create hyper sharable content around.

2- Impeccable Content Writing : Based on keyword direction, we create a very specific content brief for our in-house writers to research and produce a fun, engaging piece of content worth sharing and linking to.

3- Rich Formatting : A word document turns into a beautifully designed blog article with flawless user experience. Using custom content builder tools we can rapidly deploy visually stunning masterpieces.

4- Featured Images : Each blog post comes with a custom image that improves social sharing visuals. These simple graphics provide visual identity to your brand, and content-specific personalization.

5- Social Media Promotion : Once our content is published, we switch gears and seek out the right social communities to get relevant eyes to your piece, and drive potential customers to your purchase funnels.

6- On-Page Optimization : We have strong search marketing roots, so you can be sure that each blog post is optimized according to the highest SEO standards set forth by Google.


The benefits of blogging for business

Blogging for business can strengthen your company in these ways:

. Increase website traffic
. Drive conversions
. Contribute to social media efforts
. Build trusting client relationships
. Reinforce your brand
. Differentiate a business from its competition
. Encourage engagement