what is on-site SEO?

What is on-site SEO?

on-site SEO (known as on-page SEO) is the act of upgrading components on a site (instead of backlinks somewhere else on the Internet and other outside signs is known as “off-webpage SEO”)or we can say that improving HTML code of site so google rank higher our website andweb crawler can crawl our website. On site SEO is process of enhancing both the content and HTML source code of a page.

on-site  SEO also helps clients quickly understand what a page is about and whether it tends to their inquiry question. Generally, great on – site  SEO helps web indexes understand what a human would see (and what value they would get) if they visits that  page,.

Actual goal of doing On-site seo on web pages listed below

  • Explain in better way to reader and google crawler  about page and that page related with
  • using keywords for getting appearance in  search of user.
  • for getting better rank and improving speed of web page

Major terms which we should know before starting to know about onsite seo.

Keywords , content and tools

Most important thing is keywords and content. If you are writing content on your website then it should have all those keywords which generally people use for searching content. and your content should be unique and attractive and very useful then it will get best ranking easily.

Now tools for onsite seo:

  • online seo checker  You can use it for knowing all mistake you did with content and HTML tags and website speed and other title and missing meta tags.


  • Small seo tool for getting details about your websites plagiarized article or rank of your site for keyword . this is very important site you can check all small stuff here .


  • Article spinner if you want to copy content from other site  to on your website without getting penalized by google then u can use it. but it’s not that much useful because content looks messy after using article spinner.


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