5 platforms for earning money online

Do you want to generate money from your blog or YouTube channel or Website? Generate money online using few methods and platforms I have mentioned below.

1. Earning from YouTube
2. Earning by google ad-sense
3. Earning by selling product online or services
4. Affiliate or re-seller system
5. Blogging

But all this method for generating money are need traffic on website or channel or blog. In technical term Visitors are traffic. How we can get visitors on website??  Don’t worry about traffic first , try to understand this platforms and understand their working process.

I know before starting anything we think about money. By these online platforms how much we can earn?? so answer is you can earn from $0 to $3000 monthly. It depend on quality of content and your strategy. almost bloggers earn monthly $300-$500 monthly but they give there around  weekly 50 hours for this job. Now let me explain all this platforms one by one.

YouTube channel :

you-tube is a website where you can upload your videos and you-tube will pay once visitor watch those videos.many business pay you-tube for showing there advertisement on videos which is related with those businesses. they only show advertisement of these businesses on your video once it will get good traffic or visits on it and if visitors click on ads then you-tube share profit with you. you-tube pay according to click on advertisement.

Ex: I have uploaded video about website development and many people looking for it so if any IT company advertise with you tube then you tube will show there advertisement on my videos.

YouTube will share profit with me 40%-60% of total amount paid by IT company.But you tube have some criteria and rules. you can withdraw payment from you tube only once you have 1000 subscribers on your channel and minimum $100.

Before getting paid you need to monetize your channel.there is many website like you tube now days musically , vigo etc..How to monetize you tube channel??Many people sell paid subscribers or views. That’s not healthy for your channel.

many people asked me how much i can earn if 1000 visitors view my videos. so guys let me tell you u may earn $500 or may be nothing. key point : do not use copyrighted content. else you can never earn from you-tube.

Google ad sense : 

For earning money by google ad-sense you must have website with approved google ad-sense account. Google ad-sense work in same way as you-tube works. people pay for advertisement on google ad-words. and google place there advertisement on website’s which is related with there business niche. and once people visit and click on those ads then google ad-sense pay them.But getting approved google ad-sense is not that much easy. It needs a lot of efforts and time.How to apply for ad-sense approval?

You need to follow all the terms of google. you should have at least 50 +of article on your website.All article should have at least 500-700 words. you can not copy content from other blogs or website.


Earn by selling product online or services:

for selling services or product you should have your eCommerce website or platform.People upload there product or services with good image and description and use marketing methods for visitors on website and this way they sell services / products. This is little time taken and money involved process. You need to pay for website development and marketing purpose.

But without website no business can be bigger in future. Nowadays all businesses needs at least 1 website for online presence . But not only website can effective you need to have attractive and very effective website. website loading speed should be less then 5 second. website design should be very attractive and user friendly so user can easily understand your business and they can easily operate your site and book your services.even here you can start selling without any investing in website development. many multivendor website’s are available. you can create your account and list your product and sell.

Ex: www.flipkart.com , www.amazon.com , www.ebay.com etc…

For selling services many websites are available: www.freelancer.com , www.odesk.com  , www.fiverr.com etc.. do you wanted to know that How start selling services on this websites??


Affiliate or re-seller system :

Affiliate system for them who don’t have there own business or product.Whenever someone enter in business field it’s very hard for them to survive in this field. as we know that we need to pay for branding , marketing and biggest thing to develop own unique product.But 99% of people can not afford that much time and money as beginner so they can go for affiliate marketing.

affiliate marketing is selling someone’s product and earn profit’s percentage. you can see all famous websites having affiliate marketing system. they are ready to share 5-10% of total margin of product.

flip kart and amazon kind of website’s offer % of profit according to products. they pay huge profit on virtual product like software’s or pdf etc..

If you are going to start your own business then learn selling first of all , Join affiliate system and try to sell products of any big brands. They will provide everything which helpful for selling. this will help you to learn how to get clients and how to handle a process of selling .


Blogging is best method because in this  you have to invest small amount for website development.simple word-press blog cost nothing. It means you can start without any investments.It needs your time only. write article about topics in which you are expert. you can share your thought and experience. few important points for follow before working as blogger

  1. do not copy content
  2. decide specific niche or topic and write about that only
  3. do not write anything or about any industry , direct specific industry
  4. decide targeted audience
  5. decide targeted age group and gender
  6. write at-least 500-700 words for each article

You need to learn basic graphics design before start with blogging for image editing and video editing.

Guys if any doubt or wanted to know anything in brief then let me know. I will explain personally. Thanks


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