8 Best Tips to getting visitors (traffic) on website

Do u want visitors on your website?? I have mentioned solution below . Search engines ( what is search engine) rank those website or blogs which are perfect and showing as much as accurate information & following all the guidelines and standard defines by them.

Search engines also shows results which is almost correct answer as well almost near about matching keywords according to users query.

Ex: someone searched “website development company in Mumbai”

Then google try to find first of all  “website development company in Mumbai” and list those pages having this same keyword in article after that try to match “website development company”, “website development ” , “company in Mumbai”,  “website ” etc… and list those sites which have this keywords. but only advantage for those who have exact same keywords according to users query. because almost all users only visit (open) top 10 websites in search results.For this keywords research read this article.10 Best tips for getting traffic (visitors on website)

1) Genuine and perfect content according to google guidelines 

  1. write 100% accurate and genuine content without plagiarism(copy-paste).
  2. It should be unique content and no copyright of others.
  3. Use keywords in your content and try to focus on specific topic and explain it very well.
  4. 90% visitors attract with content. if you have unique content and accurate then u will earn too much traffic.

2) Perform SEO for blog or website

  • Do SEO on your website. SEO will help you to rank your website in search result of search engines. Let me tell you search engines are website like yahoo , google and bing. I will discuss only about Google in this article. SEO is plays a major role for getting top rank in search results. It’s strategy to inform Google that yes we are doing good job and working according to Google’s guideline so please give us some importance and rank us in your search result. For more details about seo read this article.

3) Social media marketing

  • Create a page for your website or channel on all social sites like Facebook , twitter , Instagram etc..
  • even create profile on quikr , olx , indeed or justdial , yellowpages kind of website and post content related with this websites. ex: share jobs on indeed.com and mention your best keywords with your blog
  • update this social sites account with important details or new release or upcoming informative details or articles. always use hashtag with content and tag people or most popular pages. ex: #website development , #websitetraffic #website visitors etc..
  • this pages will help you to get many visitors everyday because as you know now days everyone using social sites. so keep update this accounts daily basis.

4) Email marketing

  • Collect emails and send daily or weekly update with email template. so user can visit on your site.
  •  For email marketing we have many question like how to get emails and how to send emails 10,000 people at 1 time without any issues and spam.
  • keep in mind your email should be attractive & offer some free stuff like free software or any free PDF etc behalf of subscribing your website or channel .
  • for sending email you need to spend some money around 7000/- Inr to 10,000/- Inr for sending 5 lack emails But we have best packages available.

5) seminars

  • conduct seminar in schools or college where you can promote your business and get better response from people and almost people can search your business online and it can help you to appear in google search. if any people search directly in google and visit to your site then it will help google to understand your business value and then google rank your website at good position. this kind of visitors are unique visitors.

6). Television , radio or newspaper advertisement or banners / hording

  • This kind of paid marketing as well help to attract google. because people see advertisement and then they search your website or open your site for more information and this kind of visit also affect traffic on site.
  • many newspaper and television sites provide monthly or day wise packages for listing advertisement  ex: navbharat times , mid-day , economicstimes

7) advertise online

  • you can try Google adword and facebook  as well you-tube paid marketing for getting client. they charge according to per view or per click on ads.
  • this is fasted method to get visitors on website
  • but sometime it’s risky, people loose money without getting any leads instead of getting traffic.
  • other websites also available who provide paid marketing

8) Guest blogging

  • We can write guest article for other blogs and we can get back-links for our website behalf of it. It’s one of the best solution. review any website or blog or any person’s blog and even ask them to mention your website in there blog.

Getting traffic means earning money. if any doubt ask me.. i will explain in better manner.even help you to get traffic on your blog.

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