Working as freelancer?? looking for freelance project?

If you wanted to work as freelancer on , or

If you don’t know how we can get projects or attract clients as freelancer then this is best place for you. read till last and if you have any doubt or questions ask me i will give you best solution.

so this article gonna help you a lot. Let me answer few frequently asked questions by freelancers.

Question 1: how much we can earn as freelancer??

Answer: you can earn a lot no limit many freelancers earn more then $20,000 few earn $1000

and few earn $100 and many people struggle for generate a single penny. It’s depends on your skill.

Question 2: why i am not getting clients or not generating money as freelancer??

Answer : there can be many reasons. most possible reason can be your skill of explanation about task or may be you are not giving charges according to industry or not able to impress client with your loyalty.  Try to expert in your field. Learn everything and try to clear all concept so you can answer all the questions asked by client confidently. It will help you to gain a trust of client.

Question 3: How much i should charge to my client?

Answer: Try to decide your pricing . find out how much you worth for hourly and monthly. always decide your charges according to your expertise level and market price.

Ex: Now days in Indian market almost expert people charge for logo around 2000-5000 or extra ordinary people charge 20,000 to 40,000 but they are very skilled in logo designing. even they offer that much costly services.  Freshers who are in learning phase they even offer for 500/- inr and some skilled person with 2-3 years experience they offer 1500/- or 2000/-

so keep do bench marking in industry and find out how much other people charging for same services and then think about your expertise and decide how much you worth and then give your charges.  Always try to deal with client on hourly or monthly charges but if client force to give him fixed prize for any project then figure out max possible time do u need and calculate with your hourly.Always try to explain all things in brief which your going to do and how much time it will take and explain the reason of cost your charging.As freelancer first of all try to give your services on low cost and show your expertise to your client.try to win trust of your  client by your honesty , hard work and skill as well good effort.

always present output clearly and in attractive manner so client can like your solution and give you best feedback. Do not ask for advance payment. try to show small module as sample and then you will win trust of client. this is best formula for getting big clients. Always spend time for documentation and agreement of project. do not show your curiosity for project because big clients takes a time to decide they hire only mature and guy who have patience .

Spend time to design your great portfolio which can easily express your expertise.

question 4. should i work as part time or full time as freelancer?

answer: working as freelancer part time is not that much beneficial so try to work as full time 8 hour minimum in a day.

question 5 : which platform is best for freelancing?

answer: All platform having same kind of issues, no release of payment on time and bidding process , charges around 10-20% of total cost. but freelancer and odesk(upwork) is best.

Now days people posting projects in Facebook groups as well. you can join my Facebook group for getting projects and learn latest technologies for free. we charge nothing to clients and very low cost for freelancers. only 2% of total cost even we help to get complete process of payment etc..

Thanks guys !!

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